The CSharpCalc software

Current version: 1.0 beta 3      Release date: Jul, 2nd 2018

CSharpCalc is a free Windows software for computational science which uses C# as scripting language. The software serves as a 'swiss army knive' for calculation, simulation, visualization and prototyping for mathematicians, scientists, software developers and math enthusiasts on all skill levels. Download CSharpCalc here

The CSharpCalc code editor. A lightweight C# development and prototyping environment

CSharpCalc offers state of the art script development in a modern code editor. The software features syntax highlighting, dynamic line numbers, collapsible code constructs, undo/redo and cut/copy/paste functionality. Scripts are executed directly in CSharpCalc without the need for any other software. Output can be generated and displayed in the software in form of formatted text or graphics as required.

In addition to the regular set of C# types and classes, the software offers complex algebraic types such as CSCComplex, CSCRealFunction, CSCComplexMatrix and more. Using these types allows for rapid realization of complex calculations and simulations. Visit the screenshots section for a visual impression of what the software looks like.

In addition to algebraic types and functions, CSharpCalc also contains a compact framework for graphically displaying function graphs, coordinate frames and trajectories as well as for direct pixel manipulations. The showcase section displays a selection of visual examples related to a variety of scientific fields of expertise. All images shown there were rendered with CSharpCalc without use of third party software.


A lightweight calculation and simulation environment

A universal calculator. CSharpCalc can be used for calculation, visualization, simulation and algorithmic prototyping using C# as scripting language.

Free software. The software is 100% free without restrictions.

The CSharpCalc graphic display showing a parametric function graph

Science oriented. The software supports high level data types, customized scientific visualization and report generation.

Detailed documentation. Learn to get the most out of CSharpCalc for yourself by reading and using the intuitive code examples bundled with the software download. In addition, a full-fledged manual which introduces many features of the software step by step is contained in the download.

Low demands of programming knowledge. CSharpCalc can be used even if you only know C# on a basic level.

Scalability. Usability of the software ranges from simple calculator functionality to complex computer simulations and even animations for rendering scientific data in a temporal context.

No installation. CSharpCalc comes as a single executable that can be used out of the box, if needed even from a flash drive.